Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Cliffs of Moher

I would like to say how difficult it has been lately to find time to blog due to all of this uncharacteristic sunshine and 85+ degree weather we have been having in this (usually) wet little corner of the world. But, I have stepped inside my cool farmhouse kitchen with a raspberry limeade popsicle to give my poor skin a break from the rays and write up a little something.

It's really hard to remember being cold in Ireland at this point now that we are on our 13th warm day here. Funny how that works. But I have been going through these pictures in which we are wearing mittens and I can't believe that this was in April.

//Going off on a completely but still slightly related tangent, I just received a pair of shoes today in the mail that I ordered in April and completely forgot about and don't you just love when something like that happens? It's along the lines of leaving a twenty in your winter coat and then ta-daaaa you're magically $20 richer when you finally wear it again. It's the best feeling.

 It seems a little fitting that I would get them now seeing as how they're sandals and I can finally wear them without my feet falling off from frostbite. But seriously, DSW has the worst overseas/APO/FPO shipping in the history of any store ever because what company takes THREE months to ship one pair of shoes? Good thing I forgot about them or this would probably be less thrilled when I confusedly opened the box only to discover the shoes I forgot I couldn't live without.

By the way, if you'd like to know a company with excellent APO/FPO shipping, Nordstrom would be my very first number one choice! I usually get what I order within a week. Once I got it in FOUR days. And that, my friends, is what you call great business.

And end tangent//

So, the Cliffs of Moher (pronounced MOW-her, you're welcome) They are really high. Like 400 feet. The highest point is actually 700 feet AND was used in the filming of the timeless and ever-entertaining film The Princess Bride (also I just found out that they were in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince too!)

A lot of people have died along the cliffs (mostly on accident, some on purpose) and if you see where the old pathways are, you would not wonder why. I really would like to know who thought putting a pathway TWO FEET away from the edge of a 700 foot cliff was a good idea. The wind is extremely strong too in case you were wondering. It is highly discouraged (maybe even illegal?) to cross the borders of the newer pathways which are at a much safer distance, but I saw puh-lenty of people jump right over. We did too, but not in a super dangerous part, just to clarify.

The visitor center+parking is 6 euro a person which seems a little pricey to me, but if we went again, I would definitely just skip the visitor center (not worth it at all) and come after closing for free. They even leave the car park open! If only we had known.

The cliffs themselves were breathtaking. I had been looking forward to them our entire trip and they were completely worth the wait.



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