Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waving Goodbye

2013 has been a great year. We traveled our little hearts out, went on a cruise for the first time, moved countries, left loved ones, and were reunited with others. 

I think that 2013 has been a grand year of transition.

We had the time of our lives this year--despite all of the moments of frustration and unease. 

I look at Forrest and I see the man who has stood beside me and made this passage so easy. I don't even want to imagine it without him, so I won't. 

2014, I'm excited for you. You hold so much promise.

Here's to another magnificent year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Month

Driving across the country is time consuming business.

In the last month we have driven over 3,500 miles, looked at 15 or more trucks (still no luck), attended the SEC championship football game (and won!), met our nephew for the first time, and celebrated two major holidays! Well, three, if you count my birthday. Somehow no one ever does.

We also visited the Grand Canyon!

So we're in Washington State now. Finally.

If you're wondering how in the world we made it across the country without purchasing a vehicle, I'll tell you.

I happen to have the very best grandparents in the entire universe, that's how. 

My Papa lent us his beloved F150 and even kissed it goodbye. He kissed me goodbye too, but there were probably more tears for the truck. 

So we packed that sucker up to the brim. It took several hours, a lot of cargo straps, and one of us almost died at one point trying to load a lawn mower. Related: never try to drive a lawn mower up ramps into a pickup truck. You will probably get stuck and flip over. I'll just let you guess who tried that one but his name sounds a lot like a large group of trees and he's only alive today because his pretty wife caught him and saved him from becoming a pancake. 

We had a lot of Forrest's old possessions to move plus our Black Friday deals and all of our luggage. We are still living out of the same luggage on account of our new room at my parents' has only one small dresser and I have three drawers and Forrest has one. Funny how that works out, but I guess I'm just a quicker draw and that Forrest is lucky I saved him a drawer at all. It's just the nice type of person I am is all. But there is still an awful lot of clothing in the suitcases (and in my case on the floor because I got sick of walking around four suitcases) And I am way off subject.

Maybe I should have kept up with blogging more this past month and then I wouldn't talk Forrest's ear off every night when he's trying to sleep. 

Anyway, one month later and all I really wanted to do was post some really cute pictures I took yesterday of Pendleton the hedgehog. 

His Christmas photos!

Pendleton the Hedgehog -- akhayley.blogspot.com
Pendleton the Hedgehog -- akhayley.blogspot.com
Pendleton the Hedgehog -- akhayley.blogspot.com
Pendleton the Hedgehog -- akhayley.blogspot.com

Photogenic, no? He doesn't smile very much, however. 

But we do!
Merry Christmas from us a day late!