Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day + A Few Other Slightly Blurry Photos

Red Roses
4th of July BBQ
White flowers
Yellow Roses
4th of July BBQ
Wall flowers

Well. This post is a little late, but it's still the same week (if you're one of those "Sunday is still last week" people like my husband). It's just that it has been so nice outside the last several days and I didn't want to waste what could be my only days of summer (seriously, if you hate the sun, move to England).

My roses (not really mine, but I did prune them last year one time) burst into bloom last week which completely surprised me since they have done this thing for the past couple of years where they bloom one blossom at a time so that I can't ever have roses inside.

These are all pictures that I took on the 4th around the house because we had a completely uneventful day. We grilled some burgers and ate some fries (sweet potato and curly, thank you very much). I begged Forrest to wear red, white, and blue because sometimes I like him to do things like that even if I don't feel like changing out of my flannel (which was blue so it counts). I don't know if I could really find a more American person than Forrest anyway so it wasn't much of a fight. Have you seen his tattoos?

As I type this, the neighbor's cat just strolled inside like he lives here through our open back door (it's hot and we don't have ac). This is a somewhat regular occurrence but it still makes me laugh. I'm allergic to cats and Forrest is a dog person so we chase him out every time. But you would think he'd learn after a while. Maybe he like being chased.

It really wasn't a goal of mine to include parenthesis in every paragraph above but what can you do.

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