Thursday, July 11, 2013

Glenveagh National Park + The Curious Sheep of Ireland

I was somewhat obsessed with capturing the many sheep of Ireland during our trip. As a result, I ended up with about a hundred pictures of sheep butts. 


Lamb twins
Irish lambs
County Donegal
Irish sheep
Irish Sheep
County Donegal
Glenveagh National Park
Glenveagh National Park sheep
Glenveagh National Park
Glenveagh National Forrest
Irish Lamb
Irish Sheep
Irish Stop Sign
County Donegal
Irish Sheep

We started out the day with the intention of seeing Glenveagh Castle which is conveniently located in Glenveagh National Park. This castle sounded lovely what with a tour of the interior and extensive gardens PLUS a large herd of red deer which I was intent on seeing.

 The thing is, we haven't updated our GPS since 2010. Because we're cheap. We usually don't have too many incidents because the same roads have existed here for several hundred years thus, the maps don't change. However, it has slowly become evident to us that a lot of new highways have been built in the United Kingdom in the past three years and this sometimes presents a problem. Like when the regular road is closed and we are redirected to a highway that no longer exists. Do you see where this is going?

Although this was not the incident above, our GPS did lead us not to Glenveagh Castle, but to the middle of Glenveagh National Park. Where there is nothing. It doesn't really help that Glenveagh Castle doesn't actually have an address and, in fact, when you Google it, you are sent to Glenveagh National Park. Needless to say, we never did make it to the castle due to a three hour detour on account of the curvy and mountainous single lane road the runs through the park. 

Another fun fact: Several years ago, Northern Ireland decided that not enough people spoke Irish (yes, the language is referred to as Irish, not Gaelic, so there). In attempt to remedy this, they replaced all of the old English road signs, etc. (in the County Donegal anyway) with Irish. So that made it extra easy to find our way with a GPS that didn't know where it was going and a map that cut off right at the National Park border. Super. 

Just to be clear, I actually found Glenveagh National Park very beautiful and enchanting. There was hardly anyone on the road except sheep and it just felt very remote. We also got a pretty view of the lake upon which the castle resides (but not the actual castle, sorry). I was just a little bit mad that we didn't get to see the castle, but whatever. I've seen castles.

We played a lot of Flogging Molly on this particular car ride because that is the closest thing we had to anything pertaining to Irish culture. And it was fun. I'm not exactly sure how they got on our iPod though because I don't actually listen to Flogging Molly. Anyways..

I also have to give a shout-out to my dear husband who has the uncanny ability to come to stop the car the instant I see an adorable lamb who needs to be loved and photographed. Attaboy, Forrest, you can stop on a dime.

The lambs themselves weren't very cooperative. 
Since when did baby animals become so suspicious?

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