My name is Ashley and I started this blog so that I could post an inordinate amount of pictures of my life in England for my family and friends (and as far as I know, those are the only people who read it anyway ;)).

Forrest and I moved to England in 2011 as a freshly married couple ready for adventure and the overall joy that marrying your perfect person brings. We found both, you'll be pleased to hear, and this blog is where I write about some of it. 

In hindsight, I should have started this blog much earlier than I did because we have a whole year and a halfish of adventures that I haven't even written about. Eventually those stories will find their way onto this blog. I am determined. 

However, this dreamy English life is soon coming to an end. My husband and I will soon find ourselves in Seattle (where I am from, one could say, and where I met and married said husband). 

We are opening up a new chapter in our lives. I will reopen the chapter in my life as a student (ugh/yay) and Forrest will begin his life as a newly retired veteran from the Air Force. 

There are some big changes in store as we move from our 1500 sq/ft house into a tiny studio apartment (maybe! who knows!) and work our way out of any acquired British idiosyncrasies (like driving on the wrong side of the road?).

The last two years have taught me that I like to live my life slowly, drinking in every moment of joy and reveling in the small things that make life so lovely. Life is too short to be busy for busyness sake and I for one intend to enjoy my short life with all the quiet gusto I can muster. 

Feel free to contact me at akhayley (@) gmail (.) com

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