Wednesday, January 30, 2013

around the house

The last few days have been really dreary. The type of days where all I want to do is eat macaroni and cheese and stay snuggled up by the fire in my cave of a living room. But today. Today was a masterpiece of a day. As I drove home from a friend's house, I almost crashed several times while admiring the way the sun glittered across the recently flooded fields and lit up the fluffy sheep. I wished more than once that I had thought to bring my camera.

So, as soon as I got home, I whipped it (and my brand new 50mm lens!) out to get a few shots before the sun set too low. 

Someone came home early!


I'm really shocked that these daffodils survived over a week of snow; they obviously don't know that they're supposed to be asleep for a few more months. 

Coldest winter in 100 years.. riiight.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stiiiiill Snowy!

We drove down to the nearest town, Bury St. Edmunds to walk in the Cathedral's gardens. Technically we live in Bury, but it's too far to walk, there aren't any sidewalks most of the way, and there is absolutely no way I'm walking on a 60 mph road that everyone speeds on anyway. 

We were walking along, minding our own business, when this little creature popped out in front of us.

He thought Forrest had something to offer him. A few minutes later we found out why the squirrels are so friendly when a woman walked up with several bags of nuts. She kindly offered a bag to us and we continued to domesticate the wildlife.

The ducks were our next target. And, apparently, snow is very comfortable to ducks.

The St. Edmundsbury Cathedral is a very large and beautiful part of the town. In my humble opinion, we live near one of the prettiest towns in Suffolk. I really enjoy living in such an idyllic British borough. The small shopping center (which includes an H&M!) doesn't hurt either. And, as always, it looks even prettier covered in snow.

We live in a really great location, surrounded by quiet farmland with the city two miles down the road. I had never lived by any fields until 1.5 years ago and now I know what I was missing. In the summer, they are full of wheat, onions, and potatoes and you can smell it for days when they harvest the onions.The tractors drive on the roads almost as fast a normal vehicle. They drive on the highway. Picture a huge tractor zooming down a six-lane highway.

This is our yard and the field in front of our house. The sun shines into the kitchen as it sets and lights up the room with the most wonderful orange glow. The kitchen is on the darkest side of the house, which I hate, and is at its brightest at sunset, which I love. It's my very favorite time of day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today was one of those days that everything looked so incredible I had to capture it all.
I'm still swooning over the gorgeousness. 

Sometimes the world is just too pretty for only a few pictures.