Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why May is My New Favorite Month

Yesterday was the first day of May and I welcomed it with open arms. I also got sunburned after sitting outside with a book for probably less than two hours. It seems fitting, really, that the sun would make me wait so long only to greet me with overeager rays. I just never thought I would need sunscreen in England, well.. ever. But as the first sunburn of the year, it feels good. You know what else feels good? Being able to wear Toms again.

The sunburn I have received is the kind of sunburn that elicits concern from those who have only ever seen me at my pastiest. "It just looks worse than it is," I assure them, "I won't get skin cancer, I only see the sun about five weeks a year." I mean I've lived in Washington state and England my whole life. I have to cram my vitamin D intake into a very small window of time, you know? I made the mistake of wearing a v-neck shirt outside so I've got a nice V on my chest and some great farmer tan marks on my arms.

Anyway, as I was trying to capture the first truly warm day (where I don't freeze if I wear shorts) on my camera, I wished that I could get a little closer to some of the most delicate and tiny flowers in our yard. That is when I recalled the macro lens (that I have never used) sitting in its box under my nightstand.

Behold (but not all of these are macro)


This might be my new favorite thing.

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