Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finn MacCool says hello.

I should probably confess that I'm not even halfway through my Ireland photos at this point. We're still on day three. I know. We saw a lot of stuff, okay? At this rate, I'll be done with Ireland in six months and still have 2,000 photos of our cruise to sort through. To be clear, I haven't actually taken 2,000 photos yet, but that is the number I foresee. There's a large possibility for more. I'll let you know in two weeks.

So these are pictures of the Giant's Causeway which was probably my favorite thing to see on our whole trip. Finn MacCool was the giant who built it, in case you were wondering. Finn was casually going about his business one day when the Scottish giant, Benandonner, started taunting him. If you know Finn MacCool (and I do), you know that he is not one to take insults. Naturally, he started starting throwing  clods of dirt across the channel at Benandonner. This, of course, resulted in a landbridge to Scotland. Finn, upon realizing the greater size of the opposing giant, had his wife dress him up as a baby. When Benandonner came over the new land bridge, he saw "Finn's son" (the giant baby) and became so terrified of the size that Finn must be to produce such enormous offspring that he destroyed most of the bridge on his retreat back to Scotland.  Finn MacCool was saved and that is a true story.

Obviously there are variations to this story, but mine is the right one.*


*Or if you must, the scientific explanation: A volcano erupted and the basalt lava cooled rapidly, resulting in hexagonal columns. Look it up yourself, sheesh.

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