Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye May, Hello Vacation!

As of 11:00 today, we are officially on vacation for one month! One month, can you believe it? One week on a cruise, one week resting from our cruise, one week in Scotland, and one week doing whatever we want. Probably sleeping. And eating ice cream.

We kicked off our holiday- a little bit of British vocab right there-by grilling some burgers with a side of sweet potato fried. Baked, of course. Then we lounged in the late afternoon sunshine (the temperature was 73!), did some reading, Pinteresting (Forrest), and blogging (me). 

Life is goooood right now.

 Don't be too jealous, I have four more years of school staring me right in the face in September. But until then, there are several more adventures calling my name. I have a feeling that the excitement isn't going to stop once we get back to the states.. there's something about being married to the person you like most in the whole world. That Forrest just makes everything more fun.

Have I mentioned how excited I am for this cruise?? 

It's almost embarrassing how much time I spent trying to get that bee. Bees are fast!

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