Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oban, Scotland

After we explored the Fairy Pools, we left Skye by bridge and made our way to Oban, a small coastal town near the Isle of Mull. These first three photos were taken on Skye (which I still cannot get over).

We found a large field with a spectacular view a few minutes outside of Oban and set up camp. I tried to make friends with the horse in the field next to ours but he would have nothing to do with me. I blame my lack of carrots.
Seriously, that view.
//weird side note--I miss my CRV so much! We put over 40,000 miles on it in two years (impressive, I thought, considering that I only drove it 2-3 times a week!) and it never let us down. Well, there was that radiator incident (on a different trip to Scotland, now that I think of it).. but I blame that on cheap British car parts. :) I don't think any other car will ever be able to live up to this one.//
The downside to camping in Scotland.. millions and millions of midges. I had more bites than I could count despite the scary amounts of bug spray we used. I am coughing just looking at this picture. 

I also seem to remember that someone forgot to bring pajama pants with him because, "It's summer!" Luckily for him, I wear men's pajamas a size or two too large and brought two pairs with me.
Camping in Scotland is chilly business.
These highland coos are all over Scotland and I finally had a chance to stop and take a few photos. I want to hug one so badly!
Oban is the cutest town. It's a resort town and was quite busy. We weren't able to spend a lot of time there because we had a ferry to Mull and Iona to catch early in the morning. We stopped for a meal the day we left and walked through town a little bit. It was packed full of tourists and backpackers. I wish we'd had a chance to stay in the downtown because it was so beautiful. We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to visit either. It started out a little cloudy and then the sun came out to play and make us remember it was summertime!
If we ever go back to Oban, I want to stay in this hotel right here.

I've got about two more solid posts of Scotland left. I have been enjoying looking back at these photos (and sighing with longing to go back) so much and I hope you (Mom) have too!

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