Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Update

What a busy month I have had since I last posted (holy cow, over a month ago!). My sister got married and we spent a week between quarters at my parents' house hanging out with my grandparents and boating up to Victoria BC for a couple of days(pictures to come.. eventually!). School started again, and I have been working hard ever since. I actually had a Microbiology test today (I think I did pretty well) and decided I had a little bit of time afterward to write a little something.
I made a beeswax candle the other day. Just one for practice. I mostly liked the way it turned out (I mean, it's a candle), but it set kind of weird so I'm glad I didn't make several at once. I added coconut oil so that it wouldn't crack when it hardened, but it is burning a little more quickly than I expected, so maybe I'll try a different oil next time. Avocado or olive maybe? I don't even know if that has an effect on burning time. More research!
I've been buying a lot of flowers and new plants lately (because I can) and it has really lightened the place up. I love taking pictures of plants and they all looked so pretty the other day with the soft spring light shining in. I try to buy a new plant every few months or whenever Forrest isn't looking (just kidding). I'm starting to get quite a collection, but I have some pretty big houseplant aspirations.

Also, I'm about 3/4 of the way done with Forrest's sweater. I'm working on the second side panel (I'd barely started it in the picture above but I'm almost done with it now) and then I'll just have the sleeves to go. And then, of course, I have to seam it all together. I have never seamed anything in this fine of a weight of yarn and I'm a little intimidated. But then, that's what I love so much about knitting. There is always a new skill to learn and always room for improvement.
Beeswax is really hard to cut, did you know?
The moss above is new! I love it so. I'm also in the market for a really pretty air fern. I had the cutest little fern in England but I had to give it away before I left. I've only been able to find outdoor ferns and gigantic indoor ferns lately. I think that a trip to Sky Nursery in Shoreline just north of Seattle may be just the ticket.
I've been so tired lately. Just tired of being online. Contributing to the internet is a time-consuming and sometimes silly investment of time, but I find that with every post I publish, my satisfaction grows.  I've never been a huge social media person (it's difficult for me to even post as much as I do with my full class load) but I do enjoy keeping track of my life through pictures on this blog. It's so exhausting keeping up, but it's worth it to be able to scroll through here and look back on small moments that I had forgotten I'd even recorded. That is why I take pictures and that is why I put them here.

I truly hope that others out there are getting even a fraction of the joy out of this blog that I find from putting into it.

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