Monday, July 21, 2014

Orange Beach

So just a warning, this is a very photo heavy post of our vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. My grandparents were kind enough to take us there and we stayed in a condo on the beach. The weather was perfect for sunbathing and floating on the waves in our dorky inner tubes.
We went to Lambert's one night for dinner. They throw humungous rolls at your raised hand (or head). I hadn't been there for about 12 years, but the rolls and apple butter were almost as good as I remembered them. I tend to build things up in my head.

I asked Forrest to take a picture of the outside of the building and these photos are what I got.
Full disclosure: I was just pretending to catch a roll here.
The Roll Man! We were seated in the corner with a fake roof over with equally fake hams hanging from the side so it was really hard for us to catch rolls. I didn't even catch ONE.
Megan caught one.
And then we went down to the beach for the sunset.
I have no idea.
The next day, we went down to the beach and I didn't bring my camera again because I like my camera and don't want it to die a salty death. We were having fun trying to skimboard when all of a sudden, a huge shadow descended over us. We all looked up and saw this:
We looked behind us and everyone was packing up their towels and umbrellas and booking it out of there. These photos are from our balcony after we got scared of being burned up by lightning and headed up (it didn't even actually rain in Orange Beach that night).
Due to the imminent storm, we all headed over to Pensacola to meet my uncle for dinner. We stopped at the Pensacola fishing pier on the way.
And my little cousins.
So dorky, but so fun.

Now we're in Kentucky with Forrest's dad and brothers! We visited Abraham Lincoln's birthplace on Saturday and went to the Kentucky Kingdom theme park yesterday in Louisville. We're having a pretty good vacation, I'd say.

**Thank you to my sister Megan for taking all of the pictures with me in them. ;)

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