Monday, June 24, 2013

Home again!

We're back!

I feel like I have said those words a lot lately. But can one really have too many vacations? I meant to do some photo editing on the trip but that pretty much flew out the window once we started the fun-having. Some things you can't stop and one of those things is how much fun the Hayleys have. 

Probably because we are so fun.

One more sentence with the word fun.

Scottish Highlands

So this was basically our trip: we saw lots of mountains and stayed in a few manor houses and camped and and now I have at least 37 bug bites to scratch. Those bug bites are just the gift that keeps giving, aren't they? We got a lot of relaxing in and I managed to wear my rain boots at least six days in a row. Scotland is a very rainy place for those of you who didn't know. It's kind of like Washington (state) except with shorter mountains and people play bagpipes in the middle of nowhere and you see a lot of kilts.

I would say it was a pretty good trip.

If you ever get to visit the UK, go to Scotland. We've been at least four times and I still haven't been able to get enough.

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