Monday, April 8, 2013

Ireland update

We just got back from an extremely wonderful and surprisingly dry trip to Ireland with my lovely Aunt Denise. I have at least 1500 pictures to sort through but I will try my very hardest to accomplish this in a timely manner since I have been slacking a little bit in the blogging business.

It seems very quiet around here now that Denise has left so I will be needing someone else to come visit me, please. It also seems that spring is finally, finally here. I may be eating my words in the next few days, but I can actually feel the heat of the sun when I'm outside. I hope this heat (ha) sticks around because wearing three coats in April sure is getting old.

In other news, my sister sent me a new tea infuser named Jacques. He is a deep sea diver and very handy in the art of tea-diving. I think my tea is a little too fine for him to handle, but he's just so cute I don't even care if I drink a few bits of tea leaf. 

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