Friday, April 26, 2013

A Few Things



Anyone else sick of D.C. pictures yet? I have come to the realization that I may take too many. I guess I figured that out when I proudly proclaimed to Forrest, "I just deleted more than 500 photos today!" No wonder I dread editing.

So I've been wanting to post this particular series of pictures for a while because, I mean, look at them. It was the prettiest, sunniest day. I saw that sun getting lower and we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial. Then wouldn't you know it, the clouds started gathering. But we waited a little bit longer and tadaaaah, magic. Did you know that almost nobody hangs out on the back of the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunset? Seriously, no one. So then I remembered that my camera has this nifty little self-timer (duh, I just never remember it) and we have this nifty little perfectly-lit stage upon which to get some pictures. And bonus, no one was around to watch (and judge).

Anyway, I've had my cute Forrest home a lot lately and it has been great! Except the day he made me mow the lawn (okay, I volunteered but it was driving me crazy). We realized that the last time our grass was cut was an embarrassingly long time ago. Like last August when my dad was here. He cut it. And okay, it really isn't as bad as it sounds because it has basically been winter since October and we weren't even here all of September so there you go. But the grass was still kind of long.

Spring seems to be here finally. I can tell because it has rained at least ten times today with intermittent sun and the flowers are finally blooming on our plum tree. And that's how I know.

Oh and one last thing! My adorable husband just passed his last CLEP today and is officially the proud owner of a CCAF degree! To celebrate we are going to see a movie. We were going to see the movie anyway but it has now become a celebratory movie outing. And now I won't even feel bad about getting popcorn because we're celebrating, duh. 

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