Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Athens: Part II

After the Acropolis, we walked down to the Agora. This was the ancient marketplace and gathering place. The temple of Hephaestus is the best preserved Doric temple in Athens and it was beautiful. 

We spent several peaceful  hours strolling around the almost deserted grounds looking at all of  the crumbling ruins. The way the sun shone on the olive trees and lit up the white marble made me just stand still for a few moments and take it all in. This was one of my favorite moments of this trip. It was so relaxing to have almost no agenda and to really take our time to soak up all of the beauty and history. 

 I cannot imagine the countless hours and days and years that went into a single statue. And we saw thousands. I try to imagine how these ancient buildings looked in their days of glory with their bright colors and shining gold. It's hard to envision, especially since they are already so stunning in all white marble. 


After a while, our stomachs told us it was time to leave the Agora. We ate at a cute little restaurant down the street with a view of the Acropolis and wandered some more. I think we are getting used to traveling and being out of our comfort zones (does that mean we aren't leaving them anymore?). One of my favorite activities when we go to a new city is just to wander. Since most of the touristy sites close at about 3:00 in the off-season, we found much time for it. When one has a husband with an unfailing sense of direction, it is incredibly easy to stroll without care. 

Also, I found a lemon tree. They look like limes, but they're actually lemons. 


  1. It's like you can just point the camera anywhere and get a great picture