Saturday, December 8, 2012

Athens: Part III

Saturday was our last full day in Athens. We started the morning by visiting The Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Arch. After seeing it from the Acropolis the day before, I was mistakenly expecting to be able to walk in the ruins of the temple..  we were only allowed to walk around the perimeter. We did, however, see a man run up to it and pose for a picture before jumping down. We debated doing the same, but the multiple, sneakily concealed (aka painted green) guard shacks deterred us. Let me tell you, I was startled more than once at all the different sites by yet another guard. They either have some sort of cloaking device or I am much less observant than I thought. Probably the first one. 

We also walked the short distance to the Olympic Stadium. The sun decided to come out at that particular time in order to blind me and make sure I couldn't get a decent picture.

We continued our stroll past the President's House which was guarded by some silly, yet regal, looking guards. I thought the pompoms were a particularly nice touch. The giant steps didn't hurt either. Right across the street was an entrance to the National Garden of Athens. 

Forrest picked some bitter oranges (planted because they require no maintenance) from one of the thousands of trees that tempted him. They aren't really edible, but he sure tried his best to eat one. 

The National Archaeological Museum was our next stop. We spent a few hours in there and after Forrest was almost locked in while they closed, we headed up to Mount Lycabettos (the tallest hill in Athens at a towering 908 feet) to watch the sunset. 

At the top of Mt. Lycabettus is a tiny, adorable church and a ridiculously stunning view of the Acropolis. Add in a dazzling sunset and you get a perfect last night in Athens. 

We made the most of our last morning by going to the Sunday flea market in Monastiraki Square and visiting the nearby Hadrian's Library. We also visited some puppies in a pet store and ate chocolate-filled (and covered) croissants, but I was too busy being bitten on the sleeve by a rambunctious beagle and devouring the most delicious pastry in the world to worry about pictures.

Athens is such a lovely city.

Next time we visit Greece, it will be warm 
And we will go to the beach.

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  1. Love the top of the mountain sunset pics. Also now I want a croissant