Thursday, November 29, 2012

Athens: Part I

This year was our second Thanksgiving. Instead of eating turkey, we decided to go to Greece to eat gyros. We chose to go to Athens because the weather is supposed to be pretty mild all year long. 

They lied.

 If, by mild, you mean "warmer than dreary England," then yes, it was mild. If you mean shorts and tank top weather, you will be bitterly disappointed. As was I. Luckily, I was skeptical of the websites that promised me 80 degree days of delight and I was prepared with an assortment of both summer and fall clothing. Even though the average temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I found myself freezing and sweating in intervals depending on the appearance and disappearance of the sun. Apparently, my body has no idea how to regulate temperature. 

The afternoon we arrived, we ambled around leisurely, consumed gyros and frozen yogurt, and admired the splendor of the illuminated Acropolis from Mars Hill. It was a lovely first look at Athens.

On Friday, we went to the Acropolis early and were able to wander around almost completely alone.

Although Athens may look and seem enormous, the city center, and all of the main attractions, is actually very compact and we were able to see everything at a lazy pace. We like to be lazy. 

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