Thursday, January 8, 2015

Megan + Brandan (again!)

Megan and Brandan haven't had very much time together since they got engaged. Actually, they haven't ever had a whole lot of time to be together due to the whole long-distant relationship thing they've had going on for about three (five?) years now. But, Brandan went off to Basic Training a couple of months after he asked Megan to be his wife and the time they've had since has been short and precious. They kindly asked me to shoot some engagement pictures of them while Brandan took some leave in September  and I was happy to do it! We all went up to Mt. Rainier National Park to make a weekend of it (or maybe it was during the week..? Summer vacation.)

As it has been just over a year since their engagement, I thought that now would be an extremely appropriate time to post a few pictures.
I took a LOT of photos. After I was done at whatever location we were at, I would say, "Okay!" to indicate we could move right along. Brandan told me that "okay" was his new favorite word. I don't know any guys who are generally excited to be photographed but he was a pretty good sport.. especially after four hours (or more?) of driving around to find good locations.

We had a lot of fun camping with you guys and I can't believe your wedding is just around the corner.

P.S. sorry it took me so long to post these, Megan. :)

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