Monday, May 12, 2014


I was waiting to post this until after we named her, but since she still remains simply "kitty," I thought I might as well go ahead.

My parents really wanted a cat to kill the mice that seem to abound around their new(ish) house. They've been meaning to get a kitten basically ever since they moved in (so..a year ago). I thought to myself well, I like baby animals. I figured they might as well get a kitten while I was living here so that I could enjoy it because there is about zero percent chance that Forrest and I are ever getting a cat (he really hates them and I am allergic and we are both really more dog people, let's be honest).

So, after a few Craigslist searches, I ran across this cutie. She's a calico with ferocious claws and the destiny to become a mouser. I have the scratches all over my hands to prove it.
She is so tiny. Sometimes I forget how tiny she is until I see her run across the floor and it's almost like she could be a large rodent.

As I said, I'm super allergic to cats and she's really an outside cat, but she's too small to be outside already so I'll gladly suffer through as long as I can have these sweet kitty cuddles. The constant sneezing and itchy eyes are totally worth it. And the completely scratched up hands.
Also, she really, really hates Jasper. 

She does sort of like Pendleton though. I think she mostly likes to pounce on him.

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