Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Quest for a Succulent

I really love greenhouses. Really really really. The number of greenhouses/botanical gardens that Forrest and I have visited in the past couple of years is kind of silly, but I also feel good about it because, flowers.

I feel great when I go into a green house. It must be all that extra oxygen. It's kind of what I think being in an oxygen chamber would feel like, maybe? I have never been in one.

Being in a greenhouse speaks to my soul. If you know what I mean.

But anyway, I bought this really cute pot at a thrift store the other day and I knew that I really needed a succulent to fill its loneliness. I gave away all of my plants when we left England (and I had some really cute plants) and I've been feeling a plant void in my life lately.

I looked up a good nursery and off we went to fulfill my mission.

We walked in and I had this eerie feeling I had been there before. Then I saw the ferns hanging up and I knew I had been there before. This was the very nursery my mom and I had visited to buy some ferns
(as greenery for the stage) for my wedding almost three years ago(!). We spent a really, reaaally long time trying to find two identical ferns.

I inquired about the succulents and was directed to the lovely cacti and etc. that THE Cactus Man had delivered only the week before! I did not know there was a Cactus Man but after being informed by no less than three separate employees that the succulent I picked was from his very own famous cactus van all the way from Oregon, I knew I had something special. I guess. I mean I paid $9 for the thing.

After spending easily 30 minutes pondering the vast selection of succulents (and cacti!), I let Forrest pick for me because my mind would not be made up. Then we wandered around the rest of the place and I snapped a few pictures. Here they are!

I asked Forrest if I could take a picture of him holding my new Echeveria. He said no way! Then he changed his mind, wait, okay! because that's just the bearded kind of man he is. And he is cute. Although his beard is getting a little out of control, I think.
I really loved this cactus and was this close to buying it instead. Then I thought that me + cactus was probably not a good idea and maybe I should go with a less dangerous houseplant.
Alllll the mosses! I was delighted with how they arranged them.

I can't wait for real spring!

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