Monday, October 7, 2013

some of the best news i have heard in a long time + tardis socks

I have been really absent from this blog for a while for a few reasons which aren't even that real. It has been nagging at me for several days and then I told myself, "Self, you can't edit 5,000 pictures and knit a sweater and write blog posts and make dinner and move across an ocean all at the same time."

And so I haven't.

But I have knitted a sweater and made dinner. And I finally finished all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy so now I'm caught up to where the normal world is. I have a really hard time watching weekly shows and that is why I was nine years behind. And I finished Parenthood. And now I have nothing to watch anymore when I knit.

I also finally loaded all of my pictures from our week long camping trip in August to my computer. Don't even get me started on the fact that I've barely even looked at any of the pictures I took in June when we went to Scotland and saw some of the coolest things I have ever seen in real life.

Then we went to London again and I took another million photos. So expect to see those in like a year.


(did you catch my sneaky hint in the first paragraph?--wink)

We know when we're leaving! (more or less). So expect to see us again back in America in about six weeks! And we can't wait to see YOU. This is big news, people. It's only the question that I get asked any time I see anybody these days. And I finally have a real answer! So, pending a longer government shutdown/any unforeseen complications that may or may not arise (pleaaaaaase, let nothing else arise), we'll be Americans again so soon (like the mid-late November in case you're really bad at adding weeks) And we can't wait!

Also, Forrest will be retired! This is a huge deal and a big blessing to us because of the extra benefits he (and I!) will receive rather than if he had just been medically discharged. So now he will be retired at 24 and that's probably the youngest retirement I've ever heard of. I also really love saying it because it makes me giggle a little bit. I mean really, who retires that young? It's a tiny bit hilarious (probably just to me).

Probably more on these thoughts at some later date when I have some sort of existential breakdown. Leaving the UK gives me sad feelings sometimes. But going back to the states gives me even bigger happy feelings and I'm twirling around inside right now!

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us, prayed for us, encouraged us, and helped us to be patient. I knew they couldn't make us stay here forever but sometimes it really didn't feel that way. It seems like all of our prayers have been answered in the best possible way that they could be and doesn't that just feel wonderful? I just have this huge weight off of me now that I didn't even know I was carrying around.

So for now we are just waiting out this government shutdown (hoping we get paid after the 15th) and thanking our lucky stars that we're leaving in November and not October because there are some really stressful things going on right now for people who are trying to leave. The countdown is on!


Another reason, well the main reason until I started typing too much, for this post is to show off some socks that I made for my friend Rachel for her birthday. Her birthday is in April aaand I finished these in August. But I think that these socks maybe made up for it because she's the biggest Dr. Who geek that I know. I even started watching Dr. Who because of her. For those non-Whovians out there, the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) or police box is the space ship that The Doctor uses to travel through time and space.

TARDIS socks
TARDIS socks
TARDIS socks
TARDIS socks

Here is  where I got the the pattern. You have to know how to knit a sock already to follow it so it's more of a chart. I did an afterthought heel and a pretty standard toe in case you were wondering. I used a really soft cotton yarn and I thought they came out pretty great. The TARDIS kind of looks 3D in real life.

Stitching the letters was a lot harder than I thought it would be. 

Happy (late)  birthday, Rach! I hope your feet enjoy time-traveling.


  1. So I'm a geek? Lol. I love the socks with both my hearts! They are the best socks in the world. Thanks again!