Wednesday, October 30, 2013

english ponies are delightful

In a field nearby there lives a herd of ponies.

I drive by these ponies several times a week but I'm always in a rush and can't stop to take pictures. Or I do have time and all of the ponies are soooo far away from the road. It's like they know.

I squeal with glee pretty much every time I see the ponies because they're so wonderful! Especially the babies! Baby ponies, could anything be more adorable?

So I finally stopped last week on the way home because the ponies were in the front of the field and I had nowhere to be. It took some coaxing (i.e. waving grass around) to get them to come right up to me and I yelled, "hey, ponies!" way more times than maybe absolutely necessary. But it worked! I wouldn't say I'm a horse-whisperer or anything, but I did get to pat a few noses, so.

We'll miss you English ponies!

P.S. we're moving out of our house next week (!!!)

P.P.S. Packing is stupid.

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