Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I found out that I'm nobility.

We spent this day at the Jefferson Memorial and the National Archives. There were almost no people at the Jefferson Memorial. We were the only people on the guided tour. Whenever something like this happens, it makes me feel really special but then when that wears off, I feel really awkward because we are the only people the guide is looking at. That is way too much eye contact for me. I also feel like I have to give encouraging nods to prove that I'm paying attention. 

We also went in the Archives to look at the Declaration of Independence and the other famous documents. Did you know they don't let you take pictures in there anymore? 

You know how you always thought it would be cool to be descended from really famous people? After a little research in the National Archives, it turns out I am! Forrest had been wanting to look up his ancestry for a while, so we got our cool "Researcher" I.D. cards and went to work. Most of my family has been in America for a really long time. Like they came over on the Mayflower long time. So it was kind of boring to find out that most of them have been farmers for 400 years. 

Then I hit the jackpot. I found a family tree dating back really, really far. After clicking on random people to see where they were born, I found a woman who was born in a castle. "A castle?" I thought to myself, "Maybe she was rich! Or at least somewhat important." So I googled this Margaret Douglas and found out that not only was she a Countess, she was King Henry VIII's niece! I'm directly related to King Henry VIII's niece who was, at one point, next in line for the crown. Henry VIII may not be the most wonderful person in the world, but I dare say that pretty much everyone knows his name, so I'll take it. I could have been Queen. 

Now that I know I'm  basically royalty, I guess Forrest can do the laundry around here. 



  1. I might as well. I do everything else! ;)

  2. You pretty much summed up my feelings about eye contact.

  3. In my phone your name now says "Her Royal Heiness" instead of Aahley.