Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still Knitting

I've realized lately that I haven't done much documentation of my knitting. Given how much time I actually spend working on my projects, it's a little silly of me(irresponsible, some would say?) to not spend even a fraction of that time photographing them. I can think of at least three items right off the top of my head that I made over the holidays that I didn't even photograph once. It's really sad to not be able to see the progress I have made over the years and so I have taken a solemn oath to always, always, always take at least one picture of everything I knit from now until eternity.

I slowed down the needles a little bit when I started school again in the fall, but then I quickly realized that I would go crazy if I stopped knitting altogether. So, obviously, the smart thing to do was cast on two sweaters. At the same time. One is a sweater for Forrest (that I have been promising him ever since I first learned to knit) and one is for meeeee.

Forrest's sweater is made with a much finer weight wool than the sweater I chose for myself, so the progress on that one is much slower. I've probably put in a lot more time in on his and have much less to show for it. He's also a lot bigger than me, so there's that added bonus. I've so far finished the back panel of his sweater and still have the front panel, two side panels, and the sleeves to go. I'm about an inch into the front and I'm getting pretty excited to see the finished product.. whenever that is. I haven't really taken any pictures of it, but when I get a little more done, I'll be documenting it as I go.

My sweater is coming along quite nicely. I have most of the body finished and part of each sleeve. The way the sleeves are knit is starting to make my fingers sore, so I may have to take a break for a while. I'm more excited about this sweater than anything else I've ever made. This will be my third adult-sized sweater and it has a beautiful twisty texture. I can't wait to wear it and I'm really hoping I finish it before it gets too warm outside. That's the only trouble with 100% wool.

Also, I found that pristine 1970's Chronicles of Narnia box set at Value Village for $2 right after I told myself that I needed to reread them. Fate! (Currently reading The Horse and His Boy).

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