Monday, April 28, 2014


Marseilles, France was our port of call on this cruise, but on the day we flew in, we took a cab straight to the port and didn't have a chance to experience anything in the city. We purposefully booked our return flight to England for later in the evening after we docked back in Marseilles so that we would have a chance to do some last-minute sightseeing. 

Marseille is the second largest city in France (Paris being number one of course). It is an incredibly beautiful place. I forgot how beautiful it was until I was going through these pictures and I kept gasping with delight at the wonderful blue water and all of the pretty white buildings.

We wandered around the town for a little bit and then decided that the one thing we had to do with our limited hours was take a cheesy little train/car (petit train) up to the very tippy top of the tallest point in Marseilles to see Notre-Dame de la Garde which is a basilica that was built on top of the remains of an ancient fort. You can see the church from basically anywhere in the city. It kind of taunts you to come visit.

Also, the price of the train was reasonable. They are on a constant rotation. They drop you off and pick you up and it's much more convenient than waiting in the hot sun for an even hotter and crowded bus. Especially if you happen to be on a time crunch.

The ride up was fun. We got a ton of gorgeous views of the Mediterranean. You can even see our cruise ship down there in the picture below! Although I couldn't tell you which one it actually is..
That view.
The basilica was very nice. It was free (which was very nice) and it had the best views of Marseilles.
After our little train adventure, we wandered around a little more and paid a million euro to eat at McDonald's because we spent all our money on a cruise. But they do have express lanes in McDonald's in France and they have kiosks where you can order your food electronically. Also, they are always in very old and fancy buildings. I think America should get on that. Not that I eat at McDonald's or anything.. 
We headed back to the lovely train station to catch a bus to the airport. 

Then we landed a couple of hours later in rainy England where it was at least 20 degrees colder and I froze and lost my tan a few weeks later.

And that is the (slightly anticlimactic?) end of our cruise! It only took me ten months to blog it all down.

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I will next be diving into the millions of pictures that I took in Scotland when we stayed in fancy old mansions and a castle and camped on the Isle of Skye and I am EXCITED. These pictures are all I have been thinking about for a long time!

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