Thursday, February 27, 2014

I can't believe I'm blogging about this dog again

The other day, we took Jasper on his first walk. The weather was lovely, crisp, and not too cold. Perfect!

We took him to a trail nearby. He sniffed a few dogs, licked a little kid on the face, and was admired by countless adoring walkers. We also discovered that he is scared of bicyclists when he jumped about two feet backwards as one sped toward us.

Above is Jasper looking at his first cat. He was intrigued.


This is the sweetest little puppy you will ever see. I've never been this crazy pet person, but I can't get over this dog. It's a strange new experience for me.

I can't believe how big he has grown already. At 14 weeks, he weighs 32 pounds and his paws keep getting bigger and bigger.

P.S. Jasper on his first day home.

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