Thursday, September 12, 2013

All about hedgehogs!

I told my sister that I would write a post today. Actually I told her Monday but then I got a little distracted by more important things like knitting a baby hedgehog(!) and a few technical difficulties. And all of a sudden it's Thursday and I haven't posted in two weeks or something.

So here's your post, Megan!

My sister has her very own baby hedgehog named Pendleton. I'm not actually sure if he's still a baby or not because we only have a Skype relationship and I have banned her from letting him talk to me. Pendleton is not really one for conversation as it turns out and when he's around, my sister and I have a hard time carrying on a conversation as well. Because all we do is awwwww and watch him snuffle his way across the floor with his cute little nose. As would anyone who has a heart. It kills me when she puts his tiny face up to the camera.

So I knitted another pair of socks this weekend and then I decided that I was really tired of knitting socks. Socks get very tiresome after a while. Especially when they are only for other people and never meant to be cozy on my own feet. I do all the work and I have all the cold toes and how is that fair, exactly?

SO! Along came a new woolly baby hedgehog. His name is Stewart. Or Stewie for short. Forrest named him. I thought Stewart was a good name for a hedgehog as well. It just fits. I can't say that I'm proud of the amount of time I spent awwwing over this cute little hog. And I may or may not have made him sniff Forrest's arm or exclaim, "He's just so cuuuuuute!" more times than I care to remember. I'm kind of a sentimental knitter I guess? And it's not like I'm going to start knitting ornamental rabbits with clothing or anything. There is a line.

Here are some pictures of Stewart.

Knit Hedgehog 2013
Knit Hedgehog 2013
Knit Hedgehog 2013--Classics
Knit Hedgehog 2013

I can't wait for the part when I send him to my sister so that she can take a picture of our two hedgehogs being best friends. And I guess that Stewie can live with her so that he won't be lonely without Pendleton. You know.

There's nothing worse than a lonely hedgehog.

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