Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Knitting

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally post some of the things I made for my lovely family. I forgot to take pictures of a couple of things (Ugh, owl mittens)  because I was so excited to wrap them! 

I made these socks for my dear old dad. He is a huge Auburn University fan so I thought he could wear them around the house while he watches football games. They are HUGE. They go halfway up my calf and are so comfortable and warm. If I had a bigger foot, I would have been really tempted to keep them for myself. 

These cute cabled mitts were for my mom. I love the thick alpaca that I picked up the last time I was in the states. I wanted to keep these babies for myself as well, but I took a deep breath and  asked myself, "Do you really need seven pairs of mittens?" I didn't think so either. I don't actually have seven pairs of mittens, but I have about that many pairs on my to-do-list. 

This is a scarf I made for myself out of a wonderfully soft wool from knitpicks. It only took a few hours using my JUMBO knitting needles.

These are the only pair of mittens I actually kept for myself out of the six or seven or eight pairs I made everyone for Christmas. I made these specifically for when I take pictures in the cold. They were just so cute I had to have them.

My first pair of socks was actually a trio. I made the first experimental one a tiny bit lopsided on the seam and couldn't live with myself. The first sock became a partial sacrifice in order for me to complete the final one. These socks were the source of much blood, sweat, and tears on my part. I gave them to my mom because I love her so much.

This beauty took me a week of almost constant knitting to complete. I started out on needles two sizes smaller and was about a third of the way finished before I realized that it would only fit a small child or maybe a dog. I still have the partially made hat on needles waiting for the day when I can find the courage to complete it for my niece or nephew.

This hat is probably my most wonderful creation to date. I also made one in purple (which I blogged earlier on my head) that I wear almost constantly. It's really floppy and so warm since it is double layered from the color work.  

 I made this adorable little cardigan for my sweet new nephew. I think it's probably still a little big for him, but I can't wait to see him wear it. I couldn't stop squealing over it after I finished. It's just that adorable. 

I am now in the midst of making these mittens. I've waited for weeks to make some for myself because those grey mitts don't keep my fingers very warm when I'm not taking photos. I've finished one already and cannot wait to wear them. I also have about three or four hundred other things to knit (including a few other belated Christmas gifts, oops) and will try to remember to take pictures so that I can blog them! 

Off I go to finish my mittens!


  1. You can borrow my mittens and photograph their beauty if you want.

  2. I'm still waiting on my other sock!